Limited Time Offer 14-16 Dec, 2020

1. Duration of the Promotion.

  • The giveaway begins 4pm Monday December 14th and ends 4pm Wednesday December 16th. Entries before or after this period will not be eligible. 

2. Eligibility. The Following terms apply to the Promotion:

  • There are a maximum of 50 shirts available. Any player who makes a donation after the 50 shirts have been claimed will be unable to claim a shirt. An email will be sent out to notify players if/when the maximum amount is reached. 

  • Entry is only available to persons who make a $20 donation to the Online Website.

  • Entry is strictly limited to one T-Shirt per person, any person that donates more than once will not receive any additional T-Shirts. If a person has multiple accounts they are still only able to claim one shirt.

  • T-Shirts are only available to players who receive the promotional email. No players who create an account after the email has been sent will be able to claim the T-Shirt.


3. Return and Swap Policy. 

  • The prize will not be transferable for cash or credits. 

  • There are no returns, swaps or refunds available on the product.

  • There are no Warranties on the product.


4. Collection of the shirts. 

  • This will be available from The High Rollers Hall, 6505 E J Oliver Blvd, Fairfield, Al 35064. No T-Shirts will be delivered to the players personal address.  

  • When collecting the T-Shirt only names shown on order forms will be eligible. No names not presented on the form will be awarded T-Shirts. 

  • Players will only receive one shirt in the size specified when requested in chat. 

  • If there is delay in the printing of the shirts players will be notified and advised of the new approximate collection time.

  • Any shirts not collected within 30 days of collection availability (Unless previously organized) will be forfeited and used for other promotional purposes. :-)​


5. Players will need to provide a name and size in the online chat to confirm the claim. Names will be used upon collection of the shirts.


6. Players must be 21 years or older at the date of entry. 


7. Disputes.

  • High Rollers Bingo & Wild Ruby Games reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to the Promotion, and its decisions shall be final.

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